Teeth In a Day – Same Day Dental Implants

The smile is a person’s most prominent facial feature. Even the most beautiful of faces are rendered immediately unappealing when a smile reveals stained, chipped, missing, or crooked teeth. And an attractive smile is not just about vanity. The smile is an important part of a first impression and often remembered long after the person … Read more

Titanium Dental Implants: Why They are Superior


If you’ve been conducting your dental implants research then you should by now be familiar with the dental implant material, Titanium. You will be aware that Titanium is used extensively in cosmetic dental procedures but what exactly is it that makes Titanium dental implants so special? This article lists 5 properties that you should know of this important … Read more

The Importance of the Abutment: Dental Abutments Uncovered


Do you know the various components which will contribute to your new smile? Dental Implants are never just implanted alone and include other important components, namely the dental prosthesis (artificial tooth) and the dental abutment. The dental abutment is by far the most important element in dental implant surgery. So exactly what is a dental … Read more

Crowning your Implant: Insight into Dental Prosthesis


Your new dental implants will be made up of three distinct parts: the implant, the dental abutment and the dental prosthesis (artificial tooth). Also known as the ‘crown’ the importance of the dental prosthesis lies in its aesthetic value. Whereas the implant and the abutment are structurally and functionally important the prosthesis is the only … Read more

CAD/CAM Dental Abutments: How Technology Improves Implant Procedures


There are three main elements to every dental implant – the implant itself, the dental abutment and the dental prosthesis.  Of all of these three components, the abutment is the most important as this is the element which transfers the load from the crown to the titanium implant. In the past dentists have become frustrated … Read more

Designer Dental Implants: Does the brand really matter?


There are around 150 different dental implant manufacturers out there. Many of them you won’t even be aware of but the different brands will differ in shape, fitting and of course price. Different dental clinics will utilize implants from various manufacturers.  Although the differences between the manufacturers aren’t that great, is the manufacturer of your … Read more

Zirconia Dental Implants: Is Ceramic Better than Metal?


Titanium dental implants are the most extensively used dental implants on the market today. This is due to their excellent compatibility and high strength to weight ratio. Dentists agree that titanium is an excellent material for producing durable long lasting implants but recent developments have led to some companies such as Nobel Bio care releasing … Read more

Dental Implant Procedure: Bone Grafting


The dental implant procedure is an extremely complex procedure which can include a number of surgeries depending on the individual needs of the patient. When placing dental implants it is important to ensure that the level of bone is sufficient to achieve a successful procedure. Where the level of bone is not sufficient dentists often use bone grafting … Read more