Could Social Troubles Secretly Be Your Smile’s Fault?

Enhance your over-all appearance with a Smile Lift!

If you have front teeth that are broken, cracked, chipped, dark, or missing, it’s possible that some of your personal troubles are your smile’s fault. Your smile is one of the first features people notice about you. It is either attractive or repellant because other people make judgments about you based on how your smile looks. Are your teeth even and white? Is your smile inviting? Does it say you are open, full of confidence and high self-esteem? It’s amazing how many characteristics other people read into your personality based on your smile’s appearance. Do you look on the outside like you feel on the inside? Make your beautiful inside show on the outside.

In today’s world people judge us by the car we drive (is it clean); our clothes (are they neat and fresh) and our appearance. Do we keep up our grooming, hair, and work out. If your teeth don’t look well cared for and healthy it appears you don’t take care of yourself. Your smile is one of the first nonverbal cues you give to people. You may notice that other people treat you a certain way right when they meet you, often without even talking to you. You may have also heard the phrase that “When you smile, the whole world smiles back at you.” What do you want to convey to others?

Also If you’re ashamed of how your teeth look, if you’re embarrassed about your smile, if you’re covering up your mouth with your hand when you speak, other people may read these nonverbal signals in a negative way. They may think you have a low self-esteem, that you have little confidence, that you’re not capable of a more important job, or of sustaining a deep and lasting personal relationship, or that you don’t like them.

When Changing Your Image, Start With Your Smile

According to studies, most people spend about 30 seconds appraising you before they begin to form a laundry list of impressions about you. Impressions formed in the first 30 seconds are based on the appearance you convey. Based on your appearance people judge your educational level; your career competence and success; your personality; your level of sophistication; your trustworthiness; your sense of humor; and your social heritage. For better or worse, this means that appearances count in today’s world, according to Susan Bixler’s book The Professional Image , published by Adams Media Corporation.

A new smile can make you look so much better and younger, boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as increase your communication ability, your sex appeal, and impact on your personal and professional relationships. You can be more yourself around others and be able to laugh out loud. Be more out-going. And getting that smile isn’t as complicated as you might imagine.

So Easy

Many people can have a dramatic change in their smile with just a few visits to the dentist. So many options are available today that there is no reason why you need to suffer the injustice of a poor job or a failed relationship just because you don’t have an attractive smile. Sometimes the investment in your smile is all it takes to raise your own self confidence and confidence of others in you.