Designer Dental Implants: Does the brand really matter?

There are around 150 different dental implant manufacturers out there. Many of them you won’t even be aware of but the different brands will differ in shape, fitting and of course price. Different dental clinics will utilize implants from various manufacturers.  Although the differences between the manufacturers aren’t that great, is the manufacturer of your dental implants an important thing to consider? This article will attempt to answer this question.


Who are the manufacturers of dental implants?

There are many dental implant manufacturers selling products in the UK today. Some of the major players include 3i implant innovations, Asden ltds, Astratech Ltd, Innova Life Science company, Nobel Biocare, Straumann and interlock – a relatively new player in the field.

What are the differences?

Every dental professional will have their own favorite brand of dental implant. They will explain their choices in terms of ease of use,  biocompatibility, and actual design.

Ease of use

Some dental implants are easier to fit than others. The Bicon implants, for example, are fin shaped and tapered with an internal taper. The Bicon implant is tapped into place rather than screwed which makes them easier to use.


How well the implant integrates with the surrounding bone is a crucial factor for the success of the procedure. Some models are able to integrate with the bone better than others the Straumann range of implants has a sand-blasted, acid-etched surface which is claimed to greatly increase osseointegration.


All dental implants are made from titanium however some manufacturers will differ in their choice of titanium alloy. 3i implant innovations produce three types of implants titanium, zirconia and titanium nitride.

But does this matter??

Although dental implants vary from manufacturer to manufacturer can these differences really contribute to the success of your dental implants. Most specialists agree that it is important for a specialist to select the right implant for them however Dr. Ramsey A. Amin, a diplomate of the American board of oral implantology believes that the success of dental implants is 5% type of implant and 95% dentist skill.

“Here’s an analogy my father told me – it only takes one five cent nail to fix a badly leaking roof, it takes a great roofer to know where and how to place that nail”

From the above statement, it becomes clear that checking out your dental implants dentist is more important than the manufacturer of the implants themselves.  If you do want to know who the manufacturer of your implants will be a good dental implants dentist will be more than happy to go through with this with you. In the end, though it will be the skill of your implants dentists that will determine your dental implant success. Read the 6 questions you should ask when opting for implants abroad for some ideas about questions to ask your new dental implants dentist.

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