Look 10 years younger without A FACELIFT!!!

Is Collapsed-Smile Syndrome Prematurely Aging You?

Is your face looking older and older?
You may be in the early or advanced stages of Collapsed-Smile Syndrome.
Missing or worn teeth let the chin and nose pinch closer together.  The result is a vertically collapsed face.

No amount of cream or moisturizer will improve this condition.   Not even an expensive facelift will help.

But top cosmetic dentist can reverse the damage with a Restorative Smile Lift using today’s breakthrough dental technology.

As the teeth get worn down there is nothing left to support the facial features and the face collapses in. Look at anyone without their dentures and see how their face collapses. A similar thing occurs over time as the teeth wear down and become shorter. Or you may not have sufficient teeth structure where your cheeks are. Those teeth can be built out to smooth wrinkles.

We can design your smile so it fills out your cheeks and chin and neck. This is called a Smile Lift. We give you a beautiful smile which results in a face lift at the same time just by virtue of the way the teeth are formed!