San Antonio Mini Dental Implants

Not all dental implants are the same. In fact, there are several different types of dental implants, one of them being mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are exactly what they sound, a smaller version of traditional dental implants. Because this form of dental implant is smaller, it carries certain advantages over the traditional dental implant. Traditional dental implants are 4mm to 5.74mm in length whereas mini dental implants are approximately 2mm in length. This shorter length allows the mini dental implants to be installed easier than traditional implants. They are also easier to install into narrow locations where normal dental implants would not fit.

How They Work 

Mini dental implants basically function in the same exact way as traditional implants. First, a titanium anchor is inserted into the jawbone that leaves an exposed screw. Later on, a fake tooth is then screwed into the titanium anchor to complete the procedure. An additional rubber O ring is placed between the anchor and the tooth to create enough suction force to keep the implant in place. The implant can then be later removed by applying the proper force to unscrew it.


The procedure for installing mini dental implants is simpler than traditional dental implants. Mini dental implant installation is only a single stage process compared to a two-stage process of traditional dental implants. The surgery usually takes less than two hours and is minimally invasive. A pilot hole is drilled into the jaw bone and the implant is then inserted. There is also no gum cutting and no stitches are needed. There are also fewer complications when it comes to complications when installing mini dental implants. This is obvious due to the fact the amount of titanium being screwed into your jaw is significantly less. There is less room for tissue to become infected and less reason for the body to reject the smaller implant.

Mini Implant Costs

Another great thing about mini dental implants is the fact they can cost up to %60 less than traditional dental implants according to online sources. However, like regular implants, the price varies greatly from one surgeon to another and insurance may cover none, some, or all of the surgery costs. Click here for more details on what traditional dental implants cost.

If you are the right candidate for mini dental implants, it usually is the best choice. It is an easier procedure, less chance of complications and costs significantly less. Consult with your periodontist/surgeon to find out if mini dental implants are the right solution for you.