Dental Implants Abroad: 10 Most Popular Overseas Destinations

Dental Implants are an amazing way to change your smile and boost your confidence. Unfortunately like all things in life this increase in self-esteem comes at a cost, one which more often than not deters patients from undergoing this form of cosmetic dentistry. One way that many patients are reducing the costs of implants is by opting to purchase their dental implants abroad.

are-implants-right-for-you-vfsupgcuax4-e1559093951133-300x157-9326109Most people who have experienced tooth loss are aware of the benefits of the dental implant procedure. Many people are completely ready to undertake the procedure but are being held back by one barrier and this barrier is cost. If you are one of the people I have just described you may be pleased to know that you can lower your dental implant cost by up to 80% simply by opting to receive your cosmetic dentistry abroad. Want to know the best countries for overseas dental implants? This article will outline the most popular destinations for overseas dental implant surgeries for patients in the UK and the US.

Top 5 UK destinations


Situated in the heart of Eastern Europe this country has become the number one destination for overseas dental surgeries for patients from the UK saving them 79% on the procedure compared to undertaking the procedure at home in the UK. Hungary now has a vast array of options for those opting to go abroad for dental implants including various spa packages and also joint UK- Hungary practices – giving patients the option to have UK based consultations.


Many UK patients are choosing Poland for their overseas procedure. Hardly surprising since the low prices in Poland mean that UK patients can expect to save 81% on the cost of their dental procedure.


Situated in South Eastern Europe, Croatia is another very popular destination for overseas dental implants saving UK patients 76%.


This country bordering the United States seems a far off choice for UK patients however with the warm climate and exciting culture it’s the perfect excuse for a holiday. UK patients can save 76% on their procedure by opting for dental implants in Mexico


Closer to the UK than any of the Eastern European countries opting for implants in Italy can save UK patients 79%.

Top 5 US destinations


Mexico borders the USA so it makes sense that US citizens would want to cross the border to get lower price dental implants. Low travel costs and a saving of 66% make this country the perfect option for those from the US.

Costa Rica

This small Central American country is a popular destination for those from the US looking for a bargain on their dental implants. US patients who opt for Dental implants in Costa Rica can save up to 68%.


Traveling all the way to Europe for implants may seem like a far out option but with a saving of 71% on the cost of their dental implant procedures US patients are completely justified.

Ecuador and Peru

Ecuador and Peru are the most popular destinations in South America for US patients opting to undergo the dental implant procedure. US patients save 61% and 73% respectively.

This article has detailed the most popular destinations for both UK and US patients – to find out more information about how to select your overseas dental implants dentist see our other articles on dental implants abroad.

Dental Implants Abroad

Tooth Implantation is one of the most complex and technical forms of dental surgery and as such the costs are phenomenal – prices can range from £800 all the way up to £10,000 depending on the complexity of the implant being fitted. Traveling abroad for your dental work can often slash these prices by up to 70%.

are-implants-right-for-you-an9wx3_flsg-e1559093984575-300x175-8902754The most popular travel destinations for UK citizens are Eastern European countries including Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Poland, with US residents opting to cross the border into Mexico. In the past, these destinations were seen to offer a poor quality service with the poor craftsmanship is reflected in the rock bottom prices however this is no longer the case with dental clinics abroad offering an equal, if not better service than that provided by their US and UK counterparts for a lower, more affordable price.

Many Eastern European countries have capitalized on this trend towards dental surgery abroad by offering package holiday deals. These deals include airport pickup, a stay in an excellent holiday resort whilst healing in addition to the dental implant surgery itself. There is even the option of combining consultation in the UK with treatment abroad with companies such as the British – Hungarian medical service offering initial consultations and aftercare based in the UK.

So why are the costs of traveling abroad for dental treatment so low? Newly joined members of the EU currently have a lower level of income and as such cannot afford to pay such high costs for their services. In addition, the cost of labor right now is relatively low. What that means for those of us based in the UK and other EU countries is that this reduced labor cost is passed onto us and reflected in a much lower price for equal and sometimes improved service.

Although there are benefits to traveling abroad for treatment including faster service and less waiting time there are a lot of cowboys out there and it is crucial to do thorough research before opting for the abroad option. As long as you have done your research properly you can join the 1000′s of UK and US residents who have managed to obtain low-cost dental implants by taking a trip away from home.

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